Sunday, March 4, 2012

March is upon us. Purim is this week. 

 I've been away looking inward. And it is good to be back.

The whimsy of this season is witnessed by mercurial weather;  The arctic breeze chills, as the sun warms our skin here in Southern California.

This is the season of mischief, masks and mystery.  Is Springtime here yet?  or it a brief bit of warmth masking Winter's chill ? 

The veil between good and bad is thinner now than any other time of the year.  

We can look at the good and the bad with expansive eyes to witness goodness, even in what seems very bad.  As the shadow side  of what seems very very good.  Life is indeed mixed and glorious.

There is good in all, when we really open our eyes to tune to it.

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