Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lag B'Omer Hod of Hod, Humilty of Humility, Riding the Wave of Riding the Wave

Can I wait for the Hod that is mine?  do I truly look at  these waves with integrity?  or am I so eager to ride, that I hop on waves that are not mine to ride.  Do I look before I leap? Or  Do I love the ride so much, I forget to discern.  How do I discern which waves to ride.?

G'vurah in Hod; Boundaries in Humility

A few days ago we counted 30 days of the Omer G'vurah in Hod.
Consider is my humility disciplined? or do I move into a sense of ego and have a drive to be in control and do things my own way? G'vurah in Hod calls us to to modulate surfing a wave with waiting for a "right " wave to ride. Not all waves are for each of us. We can let some waves pass on by and choose to ride the ones that can move us where we wish to be.

Hod; Gratitude Humility, Seeing, Discerning and Riding the Wave

It is the week we consider Hod; gratitude, humility,surfing the universe, the ability to ride waves and move forward on available energy, flying like a bird flies, swimmng like a fish swims, the ability to discern which wave is your own wave to ride. Sometime we must wait patiently for the next wave to arrive.