Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shavuot - Receiving Revelation for the 21rst Century

The space time continuum is pregnant with potential.  The Month of Sivan was initiated last week as the new moon became visible. 
Historical events leave an imprint on the cycles of time. When we honor the holy days we open portals to the past.  The holy residue of Kabbalah Torah; receiving Torah at Sinai moving closer and will come into full focus after sunset June 7 for the entire day as Shavuot is embraced and the wedding between The Holy Blessed one and Yisrael is consummated. More of this later. 
Shavuot celebrates receiving Divine Revelation.  Shavuot is a holyday that is associated with G’vurah, discipline.  Shavuot is very different than Pesah.
On Pesah Divine Grace is celebrated.  The Exodus, freedom from the MiTZRaYiM - the narrow place - was a Divine gift. It is a spiritual gift offered on the first day of Pesah; the full moon close to the Spring Equinox.  This grace does not depend upon merit. 
Merit creates a container to contain the Grace. 
Grace is like water.  The container is like a cup.  Without a cup, or container, water will dissipate.  Similarly with out merit to contain the revelation this Pesah revelation can not sustain and nourish.
This is not a punishment, rather a basic operating principle.   
After Pesah, a new gift will be available. In 50 days a sustainable revelation will come and the privilege to receive it must be earned.  
On Day 2 of Pesah, preparation to receive Torah begins. The Omer is counted.
Jewish tradition offers 49 psycho-spiritual lenses for personal discernment and reflection to use over the 49 days of preparation. This is an opportunity to delve inward and prepare to receive Torah.
This is a 49 level process of personal refinement. 
The vessel is refined and ready to receive Torah.
 The 50th level integrates all the other 49. 
It is Shavuot - the great receiving.  Matan Torah.
Every year we gather the eve of Shavuot to hear the new revelation.
 I can't wait to learn what is received this year.