Thursday, December 8, 2011

Continuum Movement Musings

Many of you know that I am a long time aficionado of Continuum Movement.  This practice is has guided many to becoming more alive, enlightened and feel better.  It is a moving meditation that uses sound.  It makes me feel more connected to the Earth. Continuum Movement is best experienced by doing it. For more info on Continuum :
My friend, the holy and gifted artist Judith Margolis asked me to explain how Continuum  Movement make me more connected.
The 4 world model from classical Kabbalah is a good way to enter into the layers simply.

1)Assiyah - Realm of doing Sensation   YHVH   Reptilian Brain
I can track breath and fluid moving and  unraveling in my body.   This helps me track my state of well-being.   It serves expand awareness locally and identify where the stickiness may be physically in my body.   I can also track  Tissue movement - subtle and gross  in others.  This teaches me to feel the subtle vibrations of our beautiful living and breathing planet.

2)Yetzirah – Feeling  YHVH    Limbic Brain
This offers a sense of connection and well-being; being a  part of the global community.  Satisfaction; when insights come. Curiosity. Interest.  Whimsey.  The unfolding of life becomes less mysterious - the ability to determine what is likely to happen - what the unfolding will be like offers peace.  It helps eliminate anxiety.

3)Breeyah - Intellect and Creativity.  YHVH  - NeoCortex
True Intellect is Creative. We work with fluids and breath.  Breath is God - YHVH. Every time we breathe we are invoking The Holy Blessed One. This is a secret of the 4 letter Name.
Fluid/Water is Hesed; unbounded giving.  Living in a desert , as the Israelites did, makes the appreciation for water deep.  It is easy to see why mystics equate water Hesed - unbounded love with H2O. Water’s nature  is expansive.  It fills a container fully.  Water needs a container for us to use it well. Its tendency is to not be container.  Water has this consciousness wherever it is.  On Earth or in the Heavens.  )From Torah and Science - the water on top of the Rakkia and the Earthly waters.

4)Atzilut - Spirit. Being close to the Holy Blessed One  YHVH  - Cerebral Spinal Fluid
Continuum is a prayerful modality.  It connects me more deeply and profoundly to the First Source and Center of All.  It is a holy experience of dvaykut; cleaving to the Creator.

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