Monday, April 9, 2012

Counting the Omer Day 1 and 2

Week One:
Day 1) Hesed Of Hesed.  Expansion that is within Expansion
The blessing if lowing unconditional nourishment flowing like water flows freely abundantly nourishing.  
Image: water flowing, love given
The spiritual challenge is that while water can be nourishing and is essential a “just enough” quantity need be received to sustain life.  Too much can be devastating.  Imagine the floods of Katarina or the tidal waves that resulted from the earthquakes in Japan. Not enough and life does not sustain. Similarly, loving something too much can be devastating.  Too much of a good thing is too much.  Consider how the love is given and actualized.
The guide for practice:  Infinite flow, like infinite blessings sound like they are for the good. Infinite flow, like infinite water can be damaging, like the flood or typhoon.   We are reminded of  the importance of sustainability. We pray for a right amount of blessing to sustain spiritually, intellectually, creatively and physically. We offer a right amount of blessing to nourish those in our sphere of influence, not too much and not too little.

Last night we counted Day 2)
G’vurah sh’beHesed; Contraction within Expansion
Image; a typhoon, a flood, too much chocolate
Spiritual Challenge; healthy love always includes an element of restraint. Rain is a blessing only because it falls in drops and does not flood.
Guide for practice; Is my love disciplined enough?  Am I hurting others by allowing myself to become a crutch for them?  Do I respect the one I love or is my love a selfish love?  Am I projecting my wants and needs upon others?  Do I take into account my partner’s capacity to receive love before I give it?

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