Sunday, September 16, 2012

Malkhut; Kingship on the High Holy Days; A view from Jewish Mystical Traditions

The coronation of the Infinite One as our Melekh," (King/Ruler/Guide) is an ancient theme of  the High Holydays, most notably of Rosh Hashanah.

According to Jewish mysticism, during these "High" Holydays days the “Malkhut" (Kingdom) level of all the universes is being rebuilt within.

“Malkhut” is associated with the moon.  The Moon does not generate her own light, rather, she receives light from the Sun.  The Moon is a receiver.  Her glow is a reflection of the Sun’s glow.

Shabbat is the Jewish day designated for menuhah; rest.  It is an opportunity, to check in with our own rhythms, our own hearts and awakenings.  Shabbat , too, is associated with "Malkhut", receiving.

"Malkhut" receives from all the other 9 s’firot in the Et Hayyim; Tree of Life.

"Malkhut", is associated with the final heh of the Four Letter Name - The Great Receiver of the Holy Blessed One, Shekhinah.  As in “L’shem Yikhud Kudsha Breekh ooShkhintay”; For the sake of Union between The Holy One of Blessing an Sh’khinah - The Divine Transmitter and Divine Receiver.

Rosh HaShanah invites a rebuilding of our personal, communal and global receivers. Spiritual work refines our attunement to the Holy One of Blessing, allowing us to become better vehicles in which to receive our inflow of Divine Light.
May it be The Will.    

When saying "melekh" in our prayers we are offering conscious support to the rebuilding of the universes; both inner and outer. 

This is the Divine redesigning that is taking place during these days. We are partners in this process - in consciousness and in action.

This is our chance to envision the world as you would like to see it and do your part to usher it into reality.

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