Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 Rosh Hodesh Tammuz and Summer Solstice

Today is Rosh Hodesh Tammuz - the new moon of Tammuz; the fourth month month of the Jewish calendar. Tammuz is represented by the crab, Sartan - also called Cancer.  

This is an anniversary of my cancer diagnosis.  It struck me, at the time. as ironic, to be diagnosed with cancer while the crab of cancer was in its power.  Perhaps it was the right time to discover that things had gone far from equilibrium.  The diagnosis, treatment caused me pause, reflect and eventually change my life.  It was for the good. I am grateful.

Every month has a unique permutation of the 4 letter name.  On Nissan, the first month it is the YHVH - the tradition and most common spelling in both Joseph Ashkenzi's kabbalah and the Gra's tradition.  

This month the permutation is HYHV according the Joseph Ashkenazi's Kabbalah. The Gra offers HVHY. They agree often, but not always.  This is consistent with the energy of Tammuz and mirrors its deconstructive nature.  It is a version that feels out of alignment when reflecting on it.

Today is also Summer solstice marking the longest number of daylight hours of the year. This is a week of extremes. Maximal darkness of the moon meets the maximum light by day. 

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