Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Aleph Kallah; Or Chadash 2011

Last week I was at the Aleph Kallah in Redlands, CA.
It was a rich week, filled with joy. I estimate 600 people gathered together to learn, sing, pray and commune.  It was a nourishing 6 days in sacred company.  Each person; students, staff and teachers sparkled with their individual holy light and contributed to the unique sacredness of this time together. The joy was effusive, intentionality directed, and good will permeated the event.

There is great power in gathering with a group of like minded individuals with holy intention for duration of time.  It felt like a taste of the pleasure of Olam HaBah; the world to come.  

Being there gives me great hope about building a better tomorrow.

The Aleph Kallah is held every other year just after the peak of Summer Solstice.

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  1. Good reading abour your experience.

    Here is a video I made about the Kallah 2011


    Leslie Goldman
    Your Enchanted Gardener